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Introducing Vanessa Pestana: Life Coach, ThetaHealing®️ & Multidimensional Therapist Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, and Arcturian Healing Practitioner


Hello, I am Vanessa Pestana, a Master of Science in ThetaHealing®️ and an experienced instructor for all technique courses. I am delighted to extend a special invitation to you—an invitation that has the potential to transform your life and awaken your conscious co-creation and manifestation abilities.


ThetaHealing®️, as a holistic healing technique, harnesses the power of the theta brainwave state, a state of deep relaxation, heightened intuition, and creative energy. By tapping into this state, practitioners can access the universal life force energy and bring about healing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.


With a remarkable background encompassing over 40 ThetaHealing®️ courses and the privilege of being part of the inaugural class of the highly anticipated DNA 4 for practitioners, under the guidance of Master Vianna Stibal, in February 2023 in Hawaii, I am immensely grateful for the healing and benefits I have received. It is now my heartfelt dedication to share this wealth of knowledge with individuals who are ready to embrace a life of fulfillment and freedom.


Ready to embark on a transformative journey? Experience Thetahealing in a session with me or level up with our DNA course!


Book with me now!

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