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Sound Healing | Aura Reading




Meet Maria, a devoted expert specializing in the transformative realms of Sound Healing and Aura Reading. Originally from the enchanting city of Coimbra, she has since made Lisbon her cherished home. Maria's journey embarked from a foundation in classical opera, a background that gracefully transitioned into a five-year role as an educator within esteemed conservatories and professional schools.

Her artistry lies in seamlessly harmonizing the resonances of sound with her innate intuitive prowess, creating a symphony that bestows upon individuals a profound sense of mindfulness and tranquility through the practice of Sound Healing. The harmonious vibrations she orchestrates have a remarkable capacity to alleviate stress, instill deep relaxation, and even catalyze physical healing—a testament to the multifaceted benefits of her craft.

Maria's talents extend to Aura Reading, a skill that allows her to tap into the subtle energies enveloping individuals, granting invaluable insights into their emotional well-being and spiritual odyssey. This facet of her practice kindles heightened self-awareness, ultimately fostering personal evolution and a more profound connection with one's inner essence.

Yet Maria's influence is not solely limited to her independent practice. She holds a prestigious position at the esteemed Sound Medicine Institute Germany, where she imparts holistic training to eager learners. Her teachings encapsulate the profound ancestral wisdom intrinsic to the realm of sound, empowering others to harness its therapeutic potential, thereby contributing to the wellness and fulfillment of innumerable lives.


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