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About the Course


  • Certified Breathwork Facilitator (400h+) at Alchemy of Breath

  • Mentor at Alchemy of Breath- Certification in progress for Breathwork Practitioner (800h)

  • Teacher in training of shadow transformation and personal development Bring It! by Jamie Catto

  • Advanced Vedic Meditation Master (2016-2021 @ Beeja)The Art of Living with Ayurveda at AkiSintaSaude

  • Master in International Management at IE Business School (2013)

  • Pharmacist from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon (2006-2012)

Your Instructor

Inês Sanches

When it comes to me I rather not define myself through a title or limiting stories because as I believe they do not do justice to the immensity and complexity of each human being. I am the adult woman but I am also the eternal child. The scientist, the manager, the artist and the entrepreneur. The intuitive observer and the dedicated listener who is passionate about life. My path is one of light and shadow.

Inês Sanches
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